A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your goods and services from others. With a trademark registration you can protect, for example, words, designs, slogans, packaging, sounds, music loops or fragrances.

Our services include inter alia

Registration analysis
We assess if your trademark is registrable.

We conduct a preliminary search to see if an identical or similar trademark is already registered in the countries of interest.

Filing of a trademark application
We prepare and file: Swedish trademark applications, EU trade mark applications, international trademark applications under Madrid system, separate trademark application in a country of interest.

We pay the renewal fee to keep your trademark registration alive and send you reminders in due time.

Opposition / revocation
We handle oppositions or revocations of trademark registrations to prevent others from obtaining protection for an identical or similar trademark.

We assist in trademark infringement cases.

We monitor and compare your trademark with identical or similar marks registered.

Trademark manual
We develop a trademark manual for you.

Some examples of trademarks we helped to protect

KlimatfabrikenN4NanologicaPalleaPlaypilotPS of SwedenTwistshake

Some more of our customers

Boliden, Babota, Opiflex Automation, Robotdalen


Requirements for obtaining trademark protection

The trademark may not have been used or registered previously for similar goods and services by another individual or legal person. It is also important to remember that trademark may not be descriptive for the goods or services it is to be registered for.

Term of protection

The term of protection for a trademark registration is unlimited. Trademark registration must be renewed periodically by paying a renewal fee, usually every 10 years. There is a requirement that the trademark must be used, otherwise there is a risk that its registration will be revoked.

To consider

Use your trademark, for example, by labelling the product, its packaging and any documents that accompany the product. Use the trademark in all marketing activities, including on the website. Through the use of the trademark you strengthen its protection.