A patent may protect an idea or a function. patents can be obtained for devices, systems and methods.


We advise on how your idea or product can be protected in the best way.
We can participate in development projects and identify ideas that are appropriate to protect.
We can teach your employees about IP and how to manage IP issues.
We can give lectures on IP.

Patentability analyses
We assess whether an idea is patentable. We can also help to assess whether an invention that contains software is patentable.

Filing of patent applications
We prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in Sweden, Europe and other countries. In other countries this often requires collaboration with our network of local foreign agents.

Opposition and revocation
We handle oppositions and revocation of granted patents.

Patent infringement
We assess and manage patent infringement of your and others' patents.

We investigate whether there is "Freedom-to-operate ', i.e. if there are patents that prevent sale, use, or making of your product or method.

Monitoring the competition
We can monitor competitors' patent activity.

IP database
We keep our IP database updated, which allows you to quickly and easily search for information about your cases and get an overview of your IP portfolio.

Outsource IP business
We can take care of all your IP business.
We can participate in development projects and identify ideas that are appropriate to protect.
We can help build up a structure for invention disclosure and manage inventor remuneration.
We can help you to set up IP strategies.
We teach your staff about IP and how to manage IP issues.

Some of our clients

ABB, ACTURUM Life Science AB, Boliden AB, Nanologica AB, Pallea AB, Opiflex automation AB, APEA, Scandinavian Robotics AB, Biokol KB, Svensk Solteknik AB

We value the collaboration with Swea and their quick and accurate answers.

Biokol KB,

SWEA IP Law has good technical understanding and the ability to formulate good and strong patents. They understand small innovators, are easy to work with and have a good strategic thinking around patent and trademark protection. I can really recommend SWEA IP Law.

Johan Frisk, Opiflex Automation AB

Friendly treatment, care about their customers, and listening to the customer.

Larry Heij, Svensk Solteknik AB

Professional and personal delivery of superior results.

Pia Hill, ABB Robotics

A reliable patent agency.


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