Advice around IP, agreements, secrecy and connections between IP and agreements can make a difference in business planning and revenues.

What we do

  • Counselling
  • Agreements
  • Transfer of ip rights
  • Licensing issues including negotiations
  • Assessment of infringement of ip rights
  • Establishment and answer of warning letters
  • Negotiating conflicts for registration of rights
  • Due diligence
  • Change of name of the company
  • Internet fraud
  • Copyright

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Clients cases

Forged advertisement in the name of a clients’ company were published on the Chinese commerce site Alibaba. Because the client had registered its trademark in China and several other countries we could persuade Alibaba to remove the ad from the site.

A client had sold scooters of a certain type for many years. One day he discovered that a competitor had filed a design application for the same type of scooter. We opposed to the design registration, which resulted in the removal of the registration. The client could continue to sell his scooter.

In connection with an offer submitted to a customer in Italy, our clients received a warning letter from an Italian competitor who claimed that our client infringed their Italian patent. We produced documents showing that the patent was invalid and contacted our local Italian agent who helped to respond to the warning letter. It resulted in that the competitor did not go forward with the allegations.