IP strategies

An IP strategy is a strategy for how the company may handle their intellectual assets to achieve corporate goals in the best way. The company may improve its strategic business management of its intellectual assets with a living IP strategy.



Identification of the company's intellectual assets

Investigation of ownership issues.

Performing market analysis and compare with competitors.

Development of an IP strategy and implementation.

SWOT analysis of the company's intellectual assets.

We look over the IP-organization within the company.

We develop IP guides and manuals for companies.

We develop anti-piracy strategies and strategies regarding infringements, oppositions and the like.

We take care of all your IP business.

Clients cases

IP strategy APEA

APEA was a start-up company when we started our collaboration to do an IP Strategy. We began by producing an overview of all intellectual property rights within the company together with an overview of all agreements with consultants and suppliers, etc. This identified a number of intellectual property rights, which were registered or not registered. Then we did a market analysis where we analysed IP rights of competitors. With this information and in alignment with the business plan an IP strategy was developed. In this case, even templates for agreements and invention disclosure were developed.

IP strategi Robot System Products in Scandinavia AB

Robot System Products is a company that has been around for a long time with sales in many parts of the world. They felt that they needed to keep better track of their own and competitors’ IP. A complete IP strategy was performed. An overview of the company’s own IP together with an in depth analysis of the actual protection by this IP were performed. A market analysis for competitors' patents was conducted and the results led us to further actions, among which the set-up of a search profile for continuous monitoring of competitors' patents.

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