With a design registration a product appearance or parts of it can be protected. Design registration can be obtained for everything from everyday items to industrial designs. The product may be an ornamental or utility. Functions or technical solutions cannot be protected by a design registration.

Our services include inter alia

Analysis of possibility to register a design
We assess if your design is registrable and investigate if an identical or similar design already exists.

Filing of design application
We prepare, file and prosecute design applications in Sweden, the EU and other countries, in accordance with the formal requirements of the different registration authorities.

We pay the renewal fee to keep your design registration alive and send you reminders in due time.

We can help to file a request for revocation of design registration to prevent others from obtaining protection for an identical or similar design.

We assist in design infringement cases.

Facts about design

Requirements for registration of your design

In order to apply for design protection the design must be distinct from known designs.

The design must be new, so it is important to remember not to disclose your design if you want to apply for its registration. If you have published the design and still want to apply for design protection, then it can be possible in some countries which apply so-called "Grace Period". Grace period allows a design application to be filed with 12 months after publication. Both Sweden and the EU apply the grace period.

Term of protection

The maximum term of protection for design is 25 years. At the end of every five year period it is possible to renew the protection period by paying a renewal fee.

Applications in other countries

Within 6 months of filing a first design application, you can file design applications in other countries with so-called priority from your first design application

To keep in mind

Design registration is a great addition to a patent, because it provides a quick and relatively inexpensive protection. If you later want to file a patent application on the same product, it is important to postpone publication of your design application.

Depending on the geographic scope of protection you need, you can apply for

  • Design protection in Sweden
  • The Registered Community Design (RCD) in the EU
  • International design registration under the Hague system
  • National design in a country of interest.

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