We at swea have helped many companies to get started with their IP. We are a dedicated team with high skills and long experience in intellectual property management. We are proud to deliver only the best for our clients!

Our services

We are a patent agency, whose main activity is to provide our clients with qualified advice and to  prepare and process applications for patent, trademark and design in Sweden, Europe and abroad. Furthermore, we develop IP strategies, manage IP portfolios and monitor competitors' rights. We also offer legal advices.


An IP strategy is a strategy for how the company may handle their intellectual assets to achieve corporate goals in the best way. The company may improve its strategic business management of its intellectual assets with a living ip strategy.


    A patent may protect an idea or a function. Patents can be obtained for devices, systems and methods.


    A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your goods and services from others. With a trademark registration you can protect, for example, words, designs, slogans, packaging, sounds, music loops or fragrances.


    With a design registration a product appearance or parts of it can be protected. Design registration can be obtained for everything from everyday items to industrial designs. The product may be an ornamental or utility.

  • LAW

    Advice around IP, agreements, secrecy and connections between ip and agreements can make a difference in business planning and revenues.

About IP

IP is the abbreviation of "Intellectual Property". Intellectual Property means assets that are not physical things, but creations of the mind. Intellectual property is about the right to protect intellectual property (IP) and exclude others from using these IP rights. Intellectual property may be protected by exclusive rights, e.g. copyright, patent, trademark and design protection. Some IP rights you get automatically when you publish or use your work. Other IP rights you need to register at a patent office for them to take effect.

Some of our customers

With the help of a patent agency, you can feel confident that your intellectual property rights are handled professionally. With professional help, you save time that you can put on development and commercialization of your product or service. For each client we work in a committed team with different skills that sees the big picture for your need of IP protection. This makes it possible to provide customized solutions for you as our client.